Month: February 2017

When you know rainbow bridge is on the horizon

In 2000 we went to a rescue centre to get a kitten.  We saw the most beautiful litter of multi-coloured kittens nursing from mum. Choosing between the 5 kittens was so difficult we decided to get 2, when we couldn’t chose between them we decided on 3.  Well you guessed it, we didn’t get 3 we got all 5 (well when you’ve decided on 3 what’s 2 more to add to the clan!)  After a brief talk with the family fostering the cats we asked what would happen to the mum cat.  “She’ll go back to the rescue centre” they said “she might take a little while to be homed as she’s in a bit of a state from having the kittens”.  Well we couldn’t have that! So 8 weeks later our house becomes full of life. Five crazy curtain climbing kittens and their mum to keep them all in check!  Yep we’re complete suckers when it comes to animals.

Well it’s now 17 years on. Sadly we lost one of the kittens to a car accident when he was 6 months old, but the other 4 kittens are now 17 and Mum, Bella, is nearly 19.  We have been so lucky to have such a healthy bunch of cats that still get on so well together.

So yesterday was vet check day and we’ve been worried about one of the kittens, Honey, as she’s been losing weight.  She had bloods taken in November that showed nothing abnormal so we bought her home and thought it’s just old age starting to settle in.  Well Bella needed a blood test yesterday, so we took Honey along for a check over as she’s getting skinnier and skinnier.  Turns out she’s lost another 300g since November and her breathing seems a little laboured when she purrs.  So they took an X-ray and we got the results. 

My gorgeous little Honey Monster has lung cancer.  We’ve been told she has 2-3 months left but in all honesty her decline seems so rapid that we find it unlikely she’ll see the end of March.  All we can do is continue to love her, start her on metacam to reduce inflammation and pain and just keep an eye on her.  We’ll help her cross Rainbow Bridge when the time comes but we’re sure she’ll let us know when she’s ready.  She still has a spark in her eye and a tendency to bash the living daylights out of the cat flap (trying to get out while it’s locked). She still enjoys her life mooching in the garden, having a bit to eat and spending the day sleeping on the bed beside the radiator.


Honey sleeping on the windowsill

I’m going to miss you when you go Honey Monster, until then I’m going to make the most of my lovely morning greetings and your dribbling when you purr.

They say animal lovers are the ones that shouldn't have animals, we love them so much. Losing them never gets easier, but life is not the same without the love of our furry family members.

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