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British Summer Time and why dogs are so happy about it!

At last British Summer Time has come around. Last weekend the clocks went forward and, supposedly, we are now hurtling towards summertime!

My only problem is, I’m sitting here writing this today feeling like I’ve been drugged, and it’s Wednesday! What is it with losing an hour of sleep? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that’s having trouble waking up on time then functioning fully during the day, am I?

I can’t imagine dog walkers going into people’s houses this week to collect the dogs, only to find them dozing happily in their beds. Can you imagine them looking up and saying ‘sorry, I’m not quite awake enough at the moment, can you come back in an hour or so?’ Nope, neither can I (well, maybe if it's a whippet that might be another matter)! So why is it we have so much trouble?

Whippet sleeping in a cosy cave

I have to say that I didn’t seem to have too much trouble on Monday when the sun was shining, but now that normal service has resumed and we’re under a cloud of diffused grey light and rain, I’m definitely feeling more lethargic and sleepy.

It seems I can’t be alone in this feeling, as on 8th February the EU Parliament voted to review Daylight Savings Time (DSY). At the moment EU law states that DST is common for all 28 member states and they must all change to DST on the same date in spring and autumn. You can read more about this on the BBC website here.

Whippet enjoying the spring sunshine in comfort

When the clocks spring forward to BST, dogs must think it’s the best time ever! No worries for them that they’ve missed an hour’s sleep, oh no, as far as they’re concerned their humans are so tired and confused they’re getting fed an hour early!!!!

Whippet and GErmand Shepherd at feeding time

It would seem that even Amazon’s great “Alexa” can’t work out the time either!

So if technology that doesn’t have any sleep issues can’t get it right, what hope do we have!

I, for one, would be happy to join our Antipodean cousins and have one set time for the whole year! None of this confusing our bodies twice a year, but until then......could someone please pass the coffee!!

Do you find yourself struggling with the change of time? Does your dog also seem to suffer, or just carry on regardless? I'd love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below

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Snow on Woolacombe beach – Seaside Dog Photography

With the winter feeling like it would go on forever, I took this week to rest and recharge in Woolacombe.

I usually like to leave in the early hours when I drive down to Devon, partly because I like to avoid all the idiots on the road and be on the M4 before ‘white van man’ tries to take me out! but also because it’s nice to have the whole first day down there and have breakfast overlooking the sea. This year I also had another reason to leave early, the weather warning for snow. There was no way I was going to hang around and wait until the snow appeared so off I went at 4am on Saturday!

Sitting at the Captain's Table, looking out at the sea, my brain had something of a disconnect. There were light fluffy flakes of snow floating in the air. Now, I've holidayed in Woolacombe on and off for the last 30 years, and I thought I'd pretty much seen all types of weather there, but there was an amber weather warning out for snow Saturday night.

I went to bed expecting to see a dusting of snow on the beach, cynical that the forecast wouldn’t be as bad as predicted. What I woke up to surprised me!

It was a whiteout!

Whiteout on Woolacombe beach

I could barely see the beach! Luckily, after a couple of hours, the weather broke and Layla and I were able to get down onto the sand. The thought did cross my mind that the combination of two of her favourite things, the beach and the snow, might make her head explode. Thankfully, it just brought out a big case of the zoomies and quite a lot of digging. I've noticed that when Layla gets excited and isn't really sure what to do, she digs.

whippet running on snowy Woolacombe beach
Whippet digging on snowy Woolacombe beach
Whippet running between sand and snow on Woolacombe beach

It's wonderful to know that she enjoys these holidays as much as I do. I notice the smile on her face as she wanders back to me, having done a little more digging, but it's reviewing the photos after I come home that I realise the smile rarely leaves her face. I find it a privilege of being a photographer that I get to capture these moments of joy that happen so quickly our eyes miss them

Layla smiling walking towards me
Whippet riunning on Woolacombe beach smiling - capturing moments our eyes miss

When we first got on the beach, unsurprisingly, we were the only people down there. Not long after Layla had got the zoomies out of her system, we were joined by an adventurous surfer. Having not seen someone in a full wetsuit before Layla insisted on investigating!

After helping the surfer warm up, Layla calmed down and had a rare quiet moment on the beach. When the excitement subsides, she has this habit of standing on the beach and watching the world go by. I think she has an inherently strong nosy gene!! I took the opportunity to experiment with some wider angled shots, and I think this one may end up on my wall!

Reflections in the sand - Whippet standing staring on Woolacombe beach

Thankfully, on Sunday the weather broke and by the evening we were graced with sunny spells and patchy cloud. It made for yet another incredible Woolacombe sunset!!!

Another incredible Woolacombe sunset

Once again Woolacombe you’ve put on a show, I've not left yet and I already can't wait to return!

I know it seems that spring is being elusive at the moment and winter is going on forever, but I can assure you it will arrive! Along with it will come the spectacular English bluebells. This season, I am privileged to offer you the opportunity to have photos of your dog taken in a stunning ancient woodland, surrounded by a carpet of bluebells. To celebrate this, I have a special offer available to the few who manage to secure session.

How do you fancy a half-price session fee and £100 towards the products of your choice?

To be in with a chance of booking one of these limited sessions, click the image below and add yourself to the waiting list.  When Spring arrives, just before the bluebells bloom, I’ll open sessions up for booking to the waiting list first. To click below and don't miss out!

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