8 Life hacks for dog parents to make everyday life easier

Wearing a bandana with essential oil of lavender can help calm a nervous dog
We all love our dogs, so here’s 8 life hacks for dog parents to make living with them, and taking them out with you, just a little bit easier.

1 – Rubber Gloves

Not got a lint roller to hand? Rubber gloves work wonders at removing hair from clothing , upholstery and carpets. Just dip your gloved hand into water to de-hair the glove for easy fur removal.

2 – Essential Oils

If you have a stressed out or highly strung pooch, then a drop of lavender on their collar, or a bandana tied loosely around their neck, can help calm them (just 1 drop will do, they have very sensitive noses!)
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3 – Slobber clean up!

Here’s an easy solution to help remove slobber if you have a dog that likes to share! Mix One part vinegar, three parts of hot water and a few drops of washing up liquid. The vinegar helps break down the minerals in your dog’s slobber, the warm water helps loosen the dried drool and the washing up liquid helps break down the natural oils present.

4 – Trimmed a nail too short?

A mixture of cornflour and water, made into a paste, is said to help stop the bleeding if you cut a quick whilst claw cutting. Gently dab the paste on the end of the affected claw and leave it to work its magic.
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5 – Sock + Bottle = TOY!

For a quick and easy DIY toy, put a plastic bottle in an old sock and tie the end of the sock up. It’s an instant crinkle toy for your dog!

6 – Carabiner for tie ups

Do you ever need to tie your dog up, but you’re afraid to unclip your little Houdini? Try using a carabiner on the handle, it allows you to secure your dog without unclipping their lead.
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7 – Dirty Washing

If you have a dog that suffers with separation issues, try leaving them with a piece of your clothing you’ve worn. Your scent will comfort them while you’re away.

8 – Bitter Apple Spray

Got a teething puppy or a destructive adult? Try Bitter apple spray on items, such as laptop cables, remote controls and skirting boards, to act as a taste deterrent. If you wish to use it on fabric then make sure you test it out on an inconspicuous area first.
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