4 Legs Photography

Hi, I'm Juliette

Devoted whippet mum, passionate pet photographer, lover of all things purple and aspiring seaside resident.

Dogs have always been an integral part of my life, having always had at least one family dog. Their unconditional love brightening the dullest of days. 

Pet photography came after the sudden death of my beloved Purdy. A Saluki/Whippet lurcher and My first dog, she suddenly crossed rainbow bridge at 8 years old. Looking back I have a lot of happy, phone snaps but only one image worthy of hanging on the wall. I have very few pictures of her and me together and that’s something I regret. 

Six years ago, when I got my whippet, Layla, I vowed I would have beautiful images of her to treasure, however long I get to have with her. I bought my first DSLR camera and Layla became my muse. 

Having a whippet as a muse means I naturally became a specialist in fast moving dogs. It’s wonderful to see the joy spread across their faces as they leap through the air. My favourite image is of Layla, flying through the surf at Woolacombe beach, North Devon. It’s such a wonderful place I’ve vowed to live there one day!

5 things you might not know about me

  • Layla has to suffer my love of all things purple.....it's a good job it suits her!
  • I’m usually dressed fairly casual as most of my clothes end up with paw prints on and covered in fur (I’m a slave to 3 cats and a whippet!)
  • I have a bad habit of greeting people's dogs before I say hello to them.
  • I like nothing better than the sound of crashing waves but my favourite smell has to be puppy breath!
  • I appreciate the little things in life and laugh a lot…..when I say laugh, it’s more like a cackle.

Why choose 4 Legs Photography?

You think your dog isn’t trained enough for a photo session, running around, nose in the grass, then obsessing over a ball or squirrel! You don’t want images of your dog looking stressed and unsure of themselves in an unfamiliar environment. You love the outdoors and so does your dog, that’s where you both feel relaxed and most at ease.  Well, you’ve come to the right place.

This is me, Juliette, and my furry kid, Layla

When you chose 4 Legs Photography, you’re choosing me, Juliette. I understand your dog is independent and has a mind of their own. Because of that, I specialise in capturing dogs in action being themselves. There’s no need to worry as with no pressure for them to ‘perform’ you can rest assured that they won’t be an embarrassment! Our time together will be fun, relaxed and pressure free for you and your beloved furry kid. Whether you live in Herts, Essex or outside of East Anglia, I guarantee you a relaxed dog photo shoot and a good sense of humour.

"Juliette's empathy with anything 4 legged is quite something to behold. My dog adores her, which makes it very easy for me."- Tracy Bevan

Laid Back Action Plan

Initial Consultation

I meet with you and your furry kid before the photo shoot to find out what you want from the session. This also gives your dog the opportunity to meet me before the shoot so they feel more comfortable – especially important with nervous/shy dogs.

Photo Shoot

We go to a location familiar to your pet and capture the essence of your 4 legged family member. I promise to bring a fun relaxed atmosphere, endless patience and a sense of humour

Viewing Session

I show you all the best images from the shoot and you get to decide how you want to display them. You’ll be able to view samples and be assured of their quality before you purchase. You place your order, pay and I then go and make the magic happen!


Your digitals will be delivered via online gallery for you to download directly, with a beautiful boxed USB to follow. Once any artwork is complete, it’s checked that the quality meets my high standards. I then deliver your items to your home.

The Experience

Short on time? That’s ok, I’ll do all the legwork.

I realise your time is precious, that’s why I’ll come to you and discuss your requirements prior to the session, and you can show me any spaces you might have on your wall that you would like your artwork.  It also gives me an opportunity to meet your dog and make sure they are comfortable with me and the camera.

We’ll have a fun, relaxed time at the photo session, allowing your dog to run, play and generally be their natural, inquisitive selves. 

About 1 week after the photo session I’ll return to your home to show you the best images. Not quite sure how you want your images displayed?  Not to worry,  I’ll be there to help you decide how best to show off the images you choose, whether that’s on the wall of in a beautiful album.

Once you’ve ordered and paid, local labs will create your chosen products and when I’ve checked them over, I’ll deliver them to your door. 

So, you see, all you have to do is have a fun time out with your dog and leave all the rest to me. 

Not ready to book but want to stay in the loop?

Every grey whisker is a reminder that however much time we have with our furry family, it’s never enough. You’d like to remember these moments in your dog’s life. To capture that beautiful furry face, as it is now. Don’t miss another moment.

Contact Me

If you have any questions, or want to book a call, just fill in the form below.

Alternatively you can call, or text, 07833 995125 and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.