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Dogs, we spend our lives looking after them and loving them. They provide us with unconditional love and bring a joy to our lives. Ok, so maybe I’m stating the obvious here, but when it comes to getting dog’s photos taken do you think about how they’ll be portrayed? I mean, these images are going to be on your walls for years to come, you want to capture the true essence of your dog’s personality, yes? There are plenty of options available when it comes to getting your pet’s photo taken, but how do you know who to go with?

Now, I know there are dogs out there that like nothing better than to lounge on the sofa and just plod around outside, my brother’s Lab, Buddy, is a prime example of this. These dogs are slow and easy to photograph, if you have one of these dogs then I would assume you have a few pretty wonderful photos with your phone’s camera….but dogs in action? You know, the Speedy-Gonzalez of this world. The ones that leave blurry streaks when you try and take pics of them on your phone, these are my passion!

Two whippets jumping over a ditch at speed

Having a whippet as my muse means I adore taking images of dogs in action. It’s the expression you see on their faces from the freedom they get, and the sheer joy of being able to stretch their legs and get off lead.

There’s a lot to be said for keeping a dog on lead if they stray or run away….or can’t remember their name when they’re off lead, 😉 but keeping them on lead because it makes it easier for the photographer is not what’s going to get the best images of your beloved furry family.

Lurcher on lead - after lead removal

Take the image of Patsy, above. I recently took photos at the local rescue centre and Patsy had to be kept on a lead for a bit before she was let off. You can see that she was quite happy and comfortable on lead and once the original lead was edited out (and poo bags removed 😉 ) there’s just nothing that can be done with her expression. A dog on a lead, however tolerant, is not a dog having fun. Now, let her off lead and just watch that expression change!

Lurcher off lead smiling

Another Lurcher at the rescue centre I fell in love with (there’s always one!) was Lady. Lady came in with the exact same half interested, half bored expression Pasty was initially sporting, but when she went off lead, well, that’s when the magic happened!

Off lead lurcher standing relaxed
Lurcher headshot off lead

Even standing still her expression is happier, softer and generally more relaxed. She has the option to zoom if she fancies it or just stand still and watch the world go by, either way, it’s the physical removal of the lead and giving her freedom that brings out her true personality.

Lurcher bouncing around off lead
Lurcher running and flying through the air

You try taking the above images with a dog on lead!

So, when you decide it’s time to get more photos taken of your furry kid, just stop and think - what type of images do you want? How do you want to see you dog, when their image is hanging on the wall? If joyful, wild and care-free is your thing, then you know where to find me!

If either of the two lovely lurchers featured in this post tickles your fancy, then have a look at Mutts-in-Distress here, they have a variety of wonderful dogs looking for their perfect person….and sofa 😉 and if I can help any of them get a new family then I’ll be one happy lady, so please take a look for me.

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